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Town of Love by Anne Ch. Ostby

Momenten van Geluk

Dutch Edition of Pieces of Happiness

Momenten van Geluk is available from Uitgeverij Orlando.

Porciones de Felicidad

Spanish Edition of

Pieces of Happiness

"Once you start Porciones de felicidad, you cannot stop...It is impossible to not have fun with these characters."–

Zartbitter ist das Glück

German Edition of

Pieces of Happiness

“Wonderful and encouraging…a very special book.”—Monika Wenger,


“Every sentence goes straight to the heart… The novel shows the importance of following your own path to happiness.”—EL News (Germany)


“A warm-hearted and life-affirming story that celebrates the power of friendship at any age.”

–Thalia Magazine (Germany)

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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